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Welcome to NRP1 Wiki![edit | edit source]

NRP1 is the first notable Nations Roleplay on the SC community. This is the wiki which has country descriptions, country history, overall history, and will be developed more as we advance through the sequel, NRP1.1.

Country Descriptions:[edit | edit source]

NRP1's current territorial situation

This is how you pick the country you want to play as, read the description and then continue. If you’re a NRP fanatic, you can add more to a country description to help out, thank you!

Current Nation Descriptions include

For a visitor of this wiki:[edit | edit source]

Hello, the default Main Page of this wiki (this is the default Main Page) has not been replaced yet by the bureaucrat(s) of this wiki. The bureaucrat(s) might still be working on a Main Page, so please check this page again later!